KORSCH + L.B. BOHLE Innovation Days 2022 India

Innovation Days India


KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE have hosted the INNOVATION DAYS INDIA on April 28, 2022, a workshop series with practical relevance to current issues and trends of the tableting industry. The event was the official inauguration of the new KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE INNOVATION CENTER in Hyderabad Medical Device Park.

The INNOVATION DAYS INDIA were a focused event with a workshop character, with an emphasis on current trends around OSD production, including continuous manufacturing, multi-layer technology, and high-containment technology. 

With the INNOVATION DAYS INDIA, KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE are creating the opportunity for a meaningful exchange on the latest technology for the production of solid dosage forms.

Based on our combined success and commitment to the pharma industry in India, KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE have decided to join forces by introducing a common sales, service, and spare parts center in Hyderabad.

This new facility, which will serve as the KORSCH headquarters for India, features an INNOVATION CENTER with the latest equipment from KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE, which can support product formulation, process optimization, training certification, tablet compression trials, as well as factory acceptance testing.  The INNOVATION CENTER will be staffed by technical experts on KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE technology.


Two Specialists

KORSCH and L.B. Bohle offer complementary, high-quality pharmaceutical processing equipment and a longstanding commitment to world class design innovation.


The XT 600 combines key features from proven KORSCH technology with a simple, modular, and cost-efficient design to offer a new standard in high-volume production equipment. This robust and elegant…


Sieving machines are used for milling of solids. They can be integrated into complex production lines, for example for filling/emptying or transfer operations at process machines, or for filling and…

STYL'One Evo

The STYL’One Evo is the most advanced compaction simulator with integrated analytical software and multi-layer capability, allowing R&D at production speed. The machine is equipped with a unique drive…


For the production of pharmaceutical solids, the homogeneity of the produced mixture is a crucial process step. An even distribution of all components in the mixture is the goal of this process.

New KORSCH - L.B. BOHLE Joint Location in India

Joint Location

Due to the ever-increasing demand from the Indian pharma industry, KORSCH and L.B. BOHLE have decided to join forces by setting up beginning of 2022 a common sales, service and spare parts center in Hyderabad.
The building would be the new KORSCH headquarter for India and will include an INNOVATION CENTER for product formulation and optimization, training certification, tablet compression trials, as well as factory acceptance testing.
This partnership will make possible for our local customers to test a broad range of equipment for OSD production.